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OneHack Academy

Learn to Code from Scratch with JavaScript

6 Classes • 88 Chapters • 5:49 Total

OneHack Academy is Vonage's internal 'learn to code' course, and we are making it available to everyone. Through 6 classes you'll learn how to design and build web pages, how to write JavaScript, store data, and use several Vonage APIs.

It is designed to be a useful piece of reference material that you can keep coming back to, as most videos cover a single topic and are 10 minutes or less.

This course will not make you good at any single topic. Instead, you will gain 'enough' knowledge in a wide range of areas needed for web development. Get a feel for what you like, and explore it further.

Who this is for

This course is perfect for everyone - from people who have never written any code before right through to experienced developers looking to refresh and strengthen their core web development skills.

Through 6 classes you will cover...

Web Design

Web Design

Learn the skills required to design and create web pages

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • CSS Grid
  • Bootstrap
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Learn the fundamentals of the JavaScript programming language, and use it to make interactive web pages

  • Data Types
  • Control Flow
  • Functions
  • DOM Manipulations
  • APIs
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Learn how to use Node.js, Express.js and Nunjucks to create dynamic web applications

  • Working with Node
  • Express.js Route Handlers
  • Templating Languages
  • Making API Calls
  • Creating Data with Forms
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Vonage APIs

Vonage APIs

Learn how to use the Vonage Server SDK for Node.js to send and receive SMS Messages & Voice Calls

  • Understanding Webhooks
  • Using Ngrok for Development
  • Making & Receiving Calls
  • Making & Receiving SMS Messages
  • Sending SMS Messages from Web Forms
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Learn core database concepts, and store data independent from your applications

  • Database Concepts
  • CRUD with NeDB
  • Saving SMS Messages
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Vonage Video API

Vonage Video API

Combining knowledge from other courses, learn build a project with the Vonage Video API

  • Video API Concepts
  • Creating & Storing Sessions
  • Generating Access Tokens
  • Video in the Browser
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