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What We're Looking For

Our goal is simple: we want to see what you're doing with Vonage’s products, and we want you to share your story with the community.

We're interested in technical tutorials on something original you have built, an innovative use case, or some interesting third-party integrations that use Vonage products.

Successful submissions will be:

Original. Literally, we want original work (nothing that has been published elsewhere). And more figuratively, we want to see original thought and interesting points of view we can't find anywhere else.

Well-written. Before we can publish a post, it must conform to our style guide. We’re happy to help fine-tune, but submissions should be proofread and need only minor editing.

Code-driven. The result of your post should be something a reader can build upon. The code should be clearly explained and helpfully split up.

To get a better understanding of the sort of articles that we are looking for, please take a look at the ones that have been successfully published

Does my post have to be about Vonage products?

Your posts must involve Vonage products. It can be any of them: SMS, Voice, Video, Verify, Conversation APIs, or one of the other tools of our communication suite.

What We're Not Looking For

  • Beginner-level tutorials on how to use Vonage APIs
  • Thought leadership articles
  • Introduction to third-party frameworks, programming languages, and modern development techniques
  • Anything that is not a step-by-step tutorial
  • Articles that have already been published on other platforms
  • Tutorials on topics that we have already covered. You can check what we have already published on our learning platform

What's in it for You?

We pay $500 USD per post. Your tutorial will be published on our learning platform and may be shared in our newsletter or showcased during one of our streams.

We make every effort to amplify the reach of each and every blog post on our site, and yours will be no exception; you'll have the Vonage marketing and social media teams behind you getting the word out about your work. Your success is our success.

You can also choose to donate the $500 to a charity, making a difference in the technology industry.

And Now Introducing: Spotlight for Donations

Authors can now choose to pay it forward and donate their $500 to a charity making a difference in the technology industry.

How to Submit Your Article

You will need to submit a rough draft of your article in Markdown. The draft should be around 2000 words and include all the text, code examples, and images a reader would need to follow along with the tutorial.

The Process

When you send your draft via the submission form, our Developer Education Team will evaluate it to see if it's a good fit for the Vonage learning platform.

At the end of the month, we will get back to you with feedback on whether the application was successful or not.

If we think your article is in line with our needs and meets the quality standard, we will confirm we have accepted it.

From the day of acceptance, we usually expect to have a final draft within 3 weeks. When the final draft is almost ready to go live, we will confirm a publication date.

You will receive your payment the day that the article is published.

Please note that submission is not a guarantee that your work will be published; we reserve the right to decline submissions that aren't right for our learning platform. We may also be unable to publish your work if we are unable to get a final draft within three weeks, so please set aside a few hours for revisions!

Who Owns Your Work?

You do! You grant Vonage an unlimited license to publish and promote your post, but you retain full ownership.

This means you are free to re-publish elsewhere (on your own Medium page, for example). All we require is that you add a rel=canonical tag to your post wherever possible, naming the original post at Vonage the canonical URL.

Submit Your Idea

By submitting your ideas to Vonage Developer Spotlight you accept our privacy policy, which sets out how we use your data and the rights you have in respect of your data. Submitting your draft does not obligate us to accept it for publication, and you retain sole rights to any work submitted until we agree to publish it. You may withdraw a submission from consideration at any time by notifying us

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