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Announcing Vonage Messages API Version 1.0

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Announcing Vonage Messages API Version 1.0

We're excited to announce that, as of November 10th 2021, Version 1 of the Vonage Messages API is now live! The Messages API as a whole is currently still in beta, but v1 brings some significant improvements in terms of simplifying interactions with the API, as well adding a number of exciting new features.

What's New In v1?

Cleaner API Design

A major difference in v1, when compared with v0.1, is a much cleaner and flatter API design, This can be observed in the structure of the request data for calls to the API endpoint as well as in callbacks to webhooks. Below is a comparison of the data payload required to send an SMS message in both versions.

Version 0.1

  "to": {
    "type": "sms",
    "number": "447700900000"
  "from": {
    "type": "sms",
    "number": "447700900001"
  "message": {
    "content": {
      "type": "text",
      "text": "Hello From Vonage!"

Version 1

  "to": "447700900000",
  "from": "447700900001",
  "channel": "sms",
  "message_type": "text",
  "text": "Hello From Vonage!"

Additional Features

Version 1 also brings a number of new features to the WhatsApp channel, such as Reply Context, Profile Name, and Provider Messages.

Another new WhatsApp feature is Interactive Messages. This feature lets you implement List Messages and Reply Buttons in a WhatsApp chat.

List Message Example

Mock-up of a WhatsApp List Message, displaying five account management options

Reply Button Example

Mock-up of a WhatsApp Reply Button displaying three payment options

Migrating to v1

If you are already using Message API v0.1 and are thinking of migrating to v1, our migration guide outlines a number of things to be aware of.

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