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Introducing the iOS Push Certificate Uploader

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Introducing the iOS Push Certificate Uploader

I am happy to announce our iOS Push Certificate Uploading Tool's availability, a simple mechanism to help you upload your Apple Push Certificates to Vonage.

What the Uploading Tool Is For

Currently, to upload your push certificates requires you to generate a JWT and run a few commands in the terminal, including a curl command to make an HTTP request.

How to Use It

To use the new UI tool, you will need your Vonage Application ID together with its private key, as well as your Apple Push Notification certificate, just as before.

The web form that allows the uploading of the certificates

Once you have entered all the information, the tool will use your credentials, along with the Vonage Server SDK for Node.js to generate the JWT used to authenticate the HTTP request that will upload the certificate. The status of the upload is shown.

How the form looks when you have successfully uploaded your certificate

Where to Get It?

The project is available on GitHub, together with instructions on how to run it locally.