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Garann Means Is Joining the Developer Relations Team

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Garann Means Is Joining the Developer Relations Team

Hi there! I'm Garann, and I'm pleased to be joining Nexmo as a JavaScript Developer Advocate. I'll be working from Glasgow, the UK's second-greenest city and, legend has it, the birthplace of chicken tikka masala.

The road to Nexmo and Glasgow took me through England, Spain, Edinburgh, Italy, and Seattle. Before that, I was based in Austin, where I spent five years remodelling a giant old house. These days I have more relaxing hobbies like illustration and raising an entire tiny human.

JavaScript and I go way back, and I've enjoyed watching the language mature into things I never suspected it would be. During my work with JS I've given talks on it, written books and articles, and taught the fundamentals of the language to new developers. After doing a lot of work within the community, I realized I really enjoy doing developer relations work, and that's what led me here!

Over the years I've been really excited about templates, Node.js, progressive web apps, and offline-first strategies, but what I've always really loved is a useful, well-documented API. My goal is to make your experience using Nexmo's API the very best I can help it be. I also love strategizing about application architectures, so if you see me at a meetup or conference and want to chat about that stuff, I'll probably be thrilled to do so.

I love answering questions and hearing about the amazing things people are building, and I'm looking forward to meeting lots of you in the Nexmo community!

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